Blog updated with CKS:EBE

In case you noticed my RSS feed acting weird; I was updating the CKS:EBE version (currently version 2.0 Beta 2) on my blog. One of the downsides when running alfa/beta software I guess. But it's never been an issue so far. I have so far really enjoyed working on this community project.

The latest version is almost ready for release (keep an eye out on for further details !) and includes a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Easily deployable solution file (.WSP) with Features that can be activated or deactivated
  • Modular Theme Framework ("MTF")
  • Protection for anonymous access to 'System Pages'. This means anonymous users cannot access /lists/.aspx, /forms/.aspx, /_layouts/*.aspx
  • MetaBlogApi working a bit better...You will need to create a Picture/Document library called Media for it to upload images.
  • Support for Akismet comment spam detection
  • Multiple categories/tags can be mapped to each blog entry/post
  • Anonymous comments can be moderated
  • CAPTCHA Validation for reducing spam comments
  • Name and URL fields in comments
  • Friendly URL ("FURL") for the blog's posts
  • Friendly URL for the blog's RSS feed
  • Support for CKS:TagCloud web part (being released separately)
  • Configurable settings
    • Enable content caching
    • CAPTCHA validation on comments and contact forms
    • Enable post trimming
    • Lock down system pages
    • Akismet key spam validation
    • Set specific blog theme (as the default)
    • Custom RSS feed (e.g. from Feedburner)
    • Enable Theme Selector (so users can select their own theme)

Could you have told that this blog was running on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 ?


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