Windows 2008 R2 unable to connect to locally shared folder

So today I ran into an issue on my working environment that I couldn’t access any shared folders, even if the share was a local folder and I had all available permissions.

My colleague Davy Coolsaet found this thread describing the issue.

I verified in Device Manager and I did indeed have hundreds of Microsoft 6to4 Adapters installed.

Removal of the adapters can be scripted using the devcon.exe utility that can be found here for x86 and ia64. If you need the amd64 version you must download the Windows Driver Kit in order to obtain it. For future ease I have packaged all versions here:

devcon remove *6to4mp*
devcon rescan

Next make sure you install this hotfix to avoid this happening again in the future.

Finally reboot the system and you’re done !

Thanks a million, Davy !!


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Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011 10:03 by Rober
Tks for the complete pack!!!!!

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