InfoPath Forms Server 2010 Parameterized Submit issue

I’m currently testing our InfoPath Web Forms for an upcoming migration to InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010 and have come up with a reproducible issue.


InfoPath Web Forms cannot use values from other Data Sources as parameters in a Submit Data Connection. When the form is submitted a warning “There has been an error while processing the form.” shows. From that point on the only working option is Exit Form.


  • It does not affect data connections to XML files, only when the query data connections connects to a Web Service
  • It does not affect the offline version of the form (InfoPath Filler 2010)
  • Tested in both December 2010 Cumulative Update and February 2011 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010

Set up

  1. Create a new InfoPath Web Form
  2. Add a Query Data Connection to retrieve data from a Web Service

    InfoPath Query Data Connection
  3. Add a Submit Data Connection to submit data to a Web Service. Configure at least 1 parameter (if more then one) to link to a value from the above Query Data Connection

    InfoPath Submit Data Connection
  4. Configure the form to submit using the above connection

    Submit Options
  5. Publish the form to SharePoint 2010 and open a new form in the browser


Store the value of the query data connection in an intermediary field in the form (“Main” Data Connection). Configure the Submit Data Connection to use the intermediary field value as parameter for the Submit. You can store the value as late as possible using Rules in Submit Options or your own submit buttons.


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Friday, 10 Aug 2012 09:19 by Winston
Thanks for this post, you saved me from jumping off a high building ;o) Spent days with UDC files, SSS, differnet cumulative updates, etc having read almost 100 posts. Can't believe it was such a small thing...

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