SharePoint and InfoPath Promoted Fields

A short blog on how the Promoted Fields seem to behave for InfoPath forms stored in SharePoint.

They are created as fields (Date, Text, …) and have the XPath property configured to the field in InfoPath (example: /my:myFields/my:field1)

When the form is stored in the library, the value of the XPath’s InnerText is stored in the List Item. It is by no means a live evaluation of the XPath.

Through code one can update the XPath value of the SPField. This does not affect existing forms since the value is persisted during form save, only new forms are affected.

SPSite site = new SPSite(url); SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb(); SPList list = web.GetList(url); SPField field = list.Fields["Field1"]; field.XPath = "/my:myFields/my:field1"; field.Update();

When you set the XPath to an element that has child elements, the InnerText will render all the elements contents as you’d expect:

  <my:field1>value 1</my:field1>
  <my:field2>value 2</my:field2>

When the XPath is set to "/my:myFields”, the Promoted Field value will be “\n\t11\n\t22\n” (it preserves indents).

That’s all for this quick blog post !


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