Word 2013 crashes when opening a document (SharePoint 2013)

Since a few weeks I’m experiencing an issue with Microsoft Word 2013 when I try to open a document from SharePoint 2013 (or even downloaded from SharePoint 2013). As soon as it tries to load the Document Information Panel (DIP), it crashes ugly.

Microsoft Word has stopped working

If I change the internals using good old Content Control Toolkit so that the DIP doesn’t use cached data…

Content Control Toolkit

… it opens without loading the DIP or crashes.

Word 2013 DIP unable to load

It might have to do with the Taxonomy (Managed Metadata) fields that we’re using, but still it shouldn’t happen.

I tried Fiddler to see if there were requests being made but nothing turns up, perhaps I need a full network traffic monitor to see all things happening. It happens on a fresh local account as well, so it’s not that my local cache is corrupt or anything.

I’ll wait for the next updates to roll in, and hope they fix it...


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Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013 04:48 by Steven Van de Craen
UPDATE: reinstalled Office and now it works!

Friday, 7 Jun 2013 01:25 by Havexes
I ran in to this today. Thanks for (pre)confirming the problem..... In my case also taxonomy (from sharepoint 2010) I don't really want to reinstall Office but if that fixes it..

Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013 08:49 by Gijs van Breda
I have the same problem at home with office 2013 64 bit in combination with SharePoint 2010. Word crashes when I open the document in editing mode (checkbox > edit). When I open a document in the read modus the DIP doesn't appear. And then I choose for editing. No crash.. I think, the management metadata causes the problem. When I choose for he standard Document contenttype, no problems when editing wit the DIP on.

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