SharePoint 2013: Enable 'Change Item Order' Ribbon Action

My customer reported an issue where a ‘Links’ List didn’t have the option ‘Change Item Order’ enabled. This was for a list created in SharePoint 2007 and migrated to SharePoint 2013.

When creating a new Links List in SharePoint 2013 it would have this enabled, so it wasn’t related to Site or Site Collection Features. Creating new views in the migrated list showed the same ‘issue’.


With PowerShell it quickly becomes obvious that the View didn’t have the ‘Orderable’ flag set. It is not possible to change this through SPView.OrderedView because it is read-only, however you can set this ‘property’ on the XsltListViewWebPart that’s on the View Form as follows:

asnp Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ea 0 | Out-Null cls # Get the View page $w = get-spweb http://sharepoint/site/site $f = $w.GetFile("http://sharepoint/site/site/Lists/Links/AllItems.aspx") Write-Host "STARTING" $f.ServerRelativeUrl if ($f.Exists) { $man = $f.GetLimitedWebPartManager('Shared') $wp = $man.WebParts | ? { $_ -is [Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.XsltListViewWebPart] } | Select -First 1 if ($wp -ne $null) { # Make the view 'Ordered' by expanding the ViewFlags enum $wp.ViewFlags = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPViewFlags]($wp.ViewFlags.ToString() + ', Ordered') $man.SaveChanges($wp) } else { Write-Host "Web Part not found on page" } $man.Dispose() } else { Write-Host "Page not found" } Write-Host "DONE"

Afterwards users will be able to set the order of the items…


When you create new Views either base them on an existing (‘fixed’ View) or run the above script on them to enable the functionality.


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