Event Receiver Definition: Data and Filter

I recently declared an Event Receiver through a SharePoint Feature: Event Registrations

Some of the samples online had surprising elements such as <Data /> and <Filter />. I have never seen them used before and didn’t know their purpose. Perhaps they are not to be messed with ? Perhaps great power lies within ?

  • Data – Specifies a string that will be passed as a parameter to the receiver method when handling the event

This one is commonly found in the documentation. It can be used to declare additional information and then the Event Receiver code behind can use this information. Better than hardcoding although I haven’t had the need for it (yet ?).

  • Filter – Reserved. Filter MUST be NULL

According to the official docs it is reserved: Event Receivers Result Set



Thank you Thomas for helping me on this one !

Also here’s a good reference: SharePoint 2007 Deployment: Event Registration Features


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