SharePoint Conference 2012 Report - Viva Las Vegas

My colleague Dimitri and I got the opportunity to go to this year’s SharePoint Conference (#SPC12) in Las Vegas. I have to admit that I had mixed feelings at the beginning; I’m not much of a traveler to begin with and also leaving my wife and kids didn’t sound too appealing. But of course we’re taking Vegas here, pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity! So along with the thousands of other attendees, excitement began to grow when the conference got closer and closer.

Brussels – London – Las Vegas

We departed from Brussels Airport yesterday in an Airbus A321 from British Airways, destination London Heathrow. I have taken this trip before on preious occasions, so no suprises there. The trip took about 40 minutes if I recall correctly.

At Heathrow we got our connection to Las Vegas with minimal waiting time. At least it didn’t seem a very long wait to me. Probably the excitement.



We flew in a Boeing 747 in economy class. I’m a pretty tall guy and have to admit that I did expect more leg room in a transatlantic flight, but I managed. The entertainment system was a cool bonus for me. I got to see a lot of pretty new movie releases during flight.

I managed to do a few naps along the way. Of course there’s the jet lag that one needs to take into account. My biological clock refuses to let me sleep here in Vegas during night time, this first night. So I’ve been awake since 11PM (local time) and finally decided to get up to write this little report.

By the way: I don’t look my best in this particular picture Knipogende emoticon


We’re staying in the Luxor. Didn’t have time to take a lot of pictures because I wanted to settle in first, but the Luxor hotel -and all others- are really amazing. Huge, spectacular and packed with a certain energy and atmosphere that makes up Vegas (I guess).


I did a bit of late night gambling yesterday, before turning to bed, but had no luck on the slots. They’re not my type of gambling anyway but I was too tired to join in a poker game. Might do that tonight or else another day.


There are still a few hours to go until the Conference kicks off, and I’ve run out of battery on my laptop, so I’ll leave it to this for now and am going downstairs to see if anything’s happening for the moment.

If you bump into Dimi or me, say hi Glimlach

Until later!



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