SharePoint Conference 2012 Report - Mental Overload

SharePoint Conference 2012 really is a mental overload. Just the scale of the Conference itself is enormous (me being a first time SPC attendee), let alone the impressions that Las Vegas adds to that.

The keynote was the marketing machine at its best. I don’t mean that as a bad thing. It was really well-prepared and got everyone excited about the product and conference.


Then there are all those sessions for developers, IT professionals and business. There are so many sessions that overlap that you have to make some hard choices. Luckily most of the sessions are recorded and made available afterwards.

Yesterday was the big outdoor event on Mandalay Beach with Jon Bon Jovi and the Suburban Kings performing. Being not much of a fan I didn’t get excited about it, but I went anyway and enjoyed the vibe, catering and conversations with other attendees.


The ending fireworks were a real blast Glimlach


The meetup with fellow Belgian attendees was real fun. Got to meet new and familiar faces.

Finally, I took both SharePoint 2013 beta exams. They put a real focus on Office 365 which is not my real area of expertise. But I’ll have to wait for a few more weeks to know the result. We’ll see Glimlach



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Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 07:26 by Ben van Mol
You hero! Already taking those exams! Enjoy the rest of your stay.

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