SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2013 - Claims for developers


Last Saturday I delivered a session on “Claims for developers” at the 3rd Belgian SharePoint Saturday edition, focusing on Claims Based Authentication. It was great to see that there was a lot of interest in this topic, since it’s something that allows you to do some very cool things.

It was a really fun event and I am really proud to have been part of it! Kudos to the BIWUG people for doing all the hard work organizing this.



I promised to share my slides and the code I demoed, so here it is.


Claims for devs - SPSBE - Steven Van de Craen


Here’s the code package with the following:

  • Role Claims Provider – copies incoming “role” claims that aren’t mapped (augmentation), resolves a list of known claims (received from a web request) to the Entity Picker
  • FBA Login Page – additional functionality such as Reset Password (with Captcha)
  • Windows Login Page – when configuring dual auth on a Zone, use this page to force users to Windows Authentication
  • SAML Login Page – custom redirection to the STS so we can use a generic realm for our STS registration in SharePoint
  • SAML Logged In Page – Debug overview of claims for current user, can be used for updating SPUser
  • STS – Security Token Service with username/password, Facebook and Twitter login. Normalizes the user and provides custom claims. Contains custom redirection logic for SharePoint (generic realm)
  • SampleApp – Sample application configured for authentication delegation to the STS. Displays all claims in the token.

I can’t share the code for the Profile Manager (DB UI) due to copyright.

The package also contains some basic deployment steps.

Disclaimer: all code can be freely used and modified as desired, but I don’t take any responsability for bad things that might occur should you do so Winking smile


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