Nintex Workflow and emailing to groups

Nintex Workflow is able to send emails via the Send notification action.

Nintex Workflow - Send notification

A question often asked is if it can send emails to SharePoint groups or Active Directory groups. The answer is; Yes it can!

There are some things you need to know though…

Send to an Active Directory group

You can use AD security groups, but they must have a (dummy) email value configured or the workflow will fail on this.

The email will only be sent to the direct users in the AD group. Nested AD groups will be ignored.

Send to a SharePoint group

This works about the same as AD groups. The email will be sent to direct users in the SharePoint group, and to direct users of any nested AD group in the SharePoint group. It won’t go into nested AD groups of the AD group though (same as above).

Also, you cannot nest SharePoint groups.




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Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017 04:49 by Staf Pinoy
Hi, I have a question. What do you mean by "(dummy) email"? does the members must have an email filled in at AD. Or does the security group needs an email filled in at AD. And will it be send to the members emails or the security group email? Thanks in advance!

Thursday, 15 Jun 2017 10:24 by Steven Van de Craen
Hi Staf, the "group" AD object needs to have the email property filled in, but it can have any value since it is ignored. The direct members of the group (with email property filled in) will receive the email. At least, this was at the time of this blog post. Haven't tested this in more recent setups. Cheers, Steven

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